Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use your services for free?
Answer: Yes! You can use our services for free.

Question: Can I use your services without registering?
Answer: Yes! You can use our services without registering.

Question: What’s the different between registered generate and unregistered generate?
Answer: Unregistered QR Code generation link have a free prefix and hash contain 10 chars. registered generated QR Codes don’t have a free prefix and hash contain less chars

Question: Does free services have limitation?
Answer: Yes! We show QD ads on scan result page.

Question: Does free services include analytics data?
Answer: No. Analytics Data are only available for monthly paid QR Codes.

Question: How can I use Analytics Services?
Answer: After generating your QR code, you can purchase for Analytics Data.

Question: Is analytics data are monthly paid?
Answer: Yes. We collect analytics data only for month you purchased.

Question: Can I see my codes scans number?
Answer: Yes. Registered users can see the number of scans for their codes.

Question: Can I place my QR Code wherever on target pictures I want?
Answer: Yes. You can place your QR Code on wherever you want, but we suggest you to place it where it have the best qualify for scanning.

Question: What’s different between direct and none-directs QR Codes?
Answer: QR data in direct codes will embed in the codes and user will retrieve data immediately after scanning. QR data in none-direct code will saved on server and after scanning the codes, user will be redirected to a link ( and retrieve code data.

Question: What’s the benefit of none-direct codes services?
Answer: This kind of services has benefit including:

  • Editable Codes: you can change your code data if you need to do.
  • Analytic Services: number of scan, which agent users have, user locations.
  • Smaller QR Code: the codes on your poster will be smaller than direct codes.

Question: Why the none-direct QR Codes are smaller than directs codes?
Answer: In direct QR Code data will be embed in the Code and result is a bigger QR (depending on data you entered) but in none-direct QR Code data saved on server and just a hash embed in QR Code so result make smaller code.

Question: What is benefit of editable QR Codes?
Answer: Imagine you generate a Contact Visual QR Code for your business card and now some of entered data for example like phone number or website address changed! What happened? You must generate another QR code and all previous fees you make for printing will be lost even you may lose a customer!
But what happened if you use an editable QR Code (none direct QR Codes)? Nothing, all you need is just log-in into your user area dashboard and edits your QR Code data and saved money, times and your useres.

Question: How can I help green planet?
Answer: By using our editable QR Codes you don’t need to re-print your business cards, ads, posters and etc. all you need is just edit your codes and only print it for your new users, old QR Codes are still useable.
In this way you save a tree from cutting down. More tree, more Heart beating for green planet and more house for Birds.