Features and benefit to use our services

Editable QR *
If you create a QR Code and print it qulity, but now for some reasons need to change the destination link, or a contact number?
Don’t worry at all. With QD services you can edit your QR content even after you print your QR Code.

Number of Scan
All users’ QR Codes come with an unlimited number of scans. And never interrupt services and your Codes remain valid.

Analytics Services *
Want to know your costumers? With our Analytics services you can measure the success of a QR code.
Location: See from which country and city customers scan your codes. You’ll know where your most interested customers live.
Technology: We also let you know wich devices and OS your customers are using. With this information you know to which categories to invest in and planning for the futures.
Number Of Scan: our Analytics services include the number of scans for QR codes

Multiple URLs *
Create one QR code and link it to different URLs.
How it work? After scanning QR code, we recognizing Customers devices and connect them to specific URL.

Customizable QR codes
With our service you can design your especial QR codes and it be more likely to be scanned when contains graphics*, logo or especial color.

Custom Hash **
Want to demonstrate your QR code link to adapt to the destination? With our custom hash you can choose your own hash and we placed a word of your choices. For example, if your destination link is like "qrdesign.net", your code can look like “qrdesign.net/QD”.

* This services are available for registered users.
** This services are available for VIP users.