Privacy Policy

This policy details show how your information will be collected/used/disclosed when you visit our websites and use our services.

The "QD", "QrDesign" AND "VQD" are our known Logos.

We don\'t have any responsibility regarding type of data entered in Qr Codes or Uploaded Images. You have the right and access to all your data entered in qr codes. You have the sufficient access for images and pictures you used for Qr Codes. You use all with your own responsibility.

Data Policy:
We never share the email address you used for registration and all your information are protected and only used to contacting to you.
The Scan data are personal and we not share it with third-party users or systems (You must be registered to access Analytic data.)
We may use legal data collection or Ip Address with Analytic System to know more about our users.

We may use some of your admirable design to show them on our Social Medias or Advertisement. You can choose to disable this option for your Qr Codes.